does anyone else feel kinda chubby sometimes when ur on the computer


so u just take ur shirt and


I need

I need new clothes.

I need to drink more Green Tea,

I need to do more yoga.

I need more fruits and vegetables in my life.

I need Summer to be here already.

I need more plaid.

I need more sleep.

I need to stop eating meat.

I need to be more positive about things.

I need to read more.

I need to be more social.

I need to learn how to make gifs.

I need to redo my Tumblr.

I need to get on DeviantArt more.

I need to take more pictures, and then have the courage to post them.

I need to be nicer.

I need vitamins.

I need more lettuce and cucumbers,

I need to paint my nails. 

I need to watch Sherlock.

I need more sweaters. 

I need to like myself more.